Lucy Lyne

Lucy Lyne

Originally trained as a nurse Lucy now runs Chiron College of Astrology & Healing in Brisbane, Australia. In this practice she teaches classes and sees individual clients for Spiritual Counselling, using her intuitive ability along with Astrology, Tarot and Vibrational Healing Methods.

Lucy first obtained a Diploma of Astrological Counselling; she then went on to study Tarot, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Chironics. She has also trained in the use of Australian Bush Flower Essences, Crystal Elixirs and the Sevenstar.

Lucy has also studied and works with the Astro-Chakra Synergy System involving planetary energies and the chakras.

Regular classes and workshops are held for both beginners and advanced students in Astrology, Tarot, Personal Growth, Crystals and The Sevenstar.